Media & Marketing Supporters

#PutTheNailinIt is proud to be supported by these generous media and marketing companies which have displayed a sincere commitment to empowering survivors of domestic violence.

Logo_Investigation Discovery

Henry Schleiff of ID Discovery Supports #PutTheNailinIt

“This is our second year supporting Safe Horizon’s #PutTheNailinIt campaign, and we are honored to promote such an important cause that inspires positive action. Investigation Discovery (ID) is committed to raising awareness for domestic violence, and other victims’ rights and healing through our public affairs campaign, Inspire a Difference. With the support of leading national organizations like Safe Horizon, this initiative is designed to help inspire our dedicated viewers to take action and make a difference in the lives of others and in their own communities. At ID, we’re inspired by people taking the vow by painting their nails across the country and supporting Safe Horizon’s work. We have no doubt that #PutTheNailinIt is making a difference for thousands of people.”

Henry Schleiff
Group President
Discovery Communications

Gravity Supports #PutTheNailinIt to End Domestic Violence

Artur Melentin of Gravity Supports #PutTheNailinIt

“With me personally, and a couple of very close people in my life, being affected by domestic violence, I felt motivated and responsible to add both my voice and craft to battle the issue. Assisting Safe Horizon with their marketing efforts, we at Gravity are proud to contribute to the inspiring and life-changing work of this organization.”


Artur Melentin
Chief Creative Officer and Partner
Gravity Media

CafeMedia Supports #PutTheNailinIt


CafeMedia Kristina Tipton Supports #PutTheNailinIt“At CafeMedia we always aim to lift women up and empower them, which is why we are so honored to support Safe Horizon and their #PutTheNailInIt campaign against domestic violence. We appreciate Safe Horizon’s amazing work to let victims of abuse will know that they are supported, and are thankful to be part of such an important national conversation.”


Kristina Tipton
Executive Vice President, Marketing

Woman's Day's Susan Spencer Supports #PutTheNailinIt

“Woman’s Day is a proud supporter of #PutTheNailinIt. Domestic violence touches far too many of our 16 million readers, and helping to put a stop to it is a key part of our mission.”




Susan Spencer
Woman’s Day

Dr. Lisa Robinson’s Story

“I tell people all the time, I’m a champion for Safe Horizon because I don’t know where I would be if Safe Horizon wasn’t there for not only me but for my children. And to have a place where my children can go and play and know that they’re safe – it’s priceless.”

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