Invisible Scars: Children and Domestic Violence

When domestic violence enters a relationship, adults aren’t the only ones in jeopardy.

Every year more than 3 million U.S. children will witness domestic violence in the home, often leaving them with feelings of guilt—thinking they caused the abuse— and depression, or withdrawal or acting out. Children may also attempt to intervene on behalf of their abused parents, which could cause harm or injury to the child.

At Safe Horizon, more than half of the beds in our domestic violence shelters belong to children. It is our commitment that every night they are sleeping safely. Watch the video above to learn more and how you can help.

Dave Navarro I Lost My Mother to Domestic Violence

Musician and Ink Master host, Dave Navarro, can attest to how life-changing domestic violence can be for the children. He lost his mother to domestic violence when he was just a teen—Connie Navarro was killed by her abusive ex.

Read Dave’s story here to learn how to he turned his pain into powerful advocacy.

Stand with survivors and their children.

Stand with survivors and their children. Take the vow to #PutTheNailinIt to help end domestic violence. Your donation will help fund shelters for victims and their children, hotline services, counseling resources and more. Donate. Paint. Share.

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